What We Do

Confused by Digital Marketing? Feeling bombarded and completely bamboozled by the jargon and techno babble; PPC, SEO, SERP’s, SEM, EDM, Posts, Blogs, Avatars…and the constant changes!?

Don’t worry about learning another language, we not only speak it but we can communicate it on your behalf. You can concentrate on what you do best, whilst we do what we are best at!!!!

Our 4 steps to your success

Brand Discovery Session

A fun, intensive brain storming and Brand discovery workshop! Combine our experience, knowledge and creativity with your teams’ in a session tailored to uncover and understand all elements of your brand’s purpose, identity, personality and vision. Refine your core values, strategies, SWOT, Unique-Selling-Proposition, competitor analysis, profile your perfect customer, target markets and define your KPI’s. At day’s end your team will leave feeling excited, inspired, invigorated and motivated about their work, your product, your futures and….YOUR SUCCESSES!!!

Digital Audit and Strategising

Your Marketing Hub star team will complete a 360 degree online analysis of your to date digital footprint and how your current digital investments are working for you. We research your current social media engagement, the impact it has made & compile recommended future management strategies. Proposals for website developments, improvements and updates are also included along with Branding solutions and lead generations

Your Brand Discovery Report and Strategy Recommendation

The online marketing world is a complex one and ever evolving. The Discovery Session followed up with an extremely thorough and expansive audit allows us to diagnose all issues that impact your ability to grow. We identify where resources are required, where they should be channeled and recommend changes for implementation in addressing these issues. This is all compiled in a very detailed, comprehensive report that we present to your team personally, ensuring unity in your marketing vision, strategies and action plan.

Strategy Implementation – ACTION!

ACTION! Executed by you, your team and Your Marketing Hub. A sure fire way to your SUCCESS.

The Benefits of Outsourcing all of your Marketing Needs to Your Marketing Hub

  • An entire qualified and experienced marketing team will run your outsourced marketing department
  • Your Marketing Hub’s extensive systems, processes, knowledge, experience and our genuine love for marketing delivers you smarter and faster results…GROWTH!!
  • An internal, international and diverse creative team
  • Ongoing education, coaching, strategising, support, guidance and leadership
  • Frees up your time to purely focus on your business
  • Financial return…you save money on employing one full time ‘marketing rep’ versus having a fully outsourced Marketing Hub everyday. No sickies, no holidays, no worries!!!!